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Flexible corporate structure as the basis for successful product communication

A customer-centric realignment of product communication often goes hand in hand with changes to work processes and responsibilities. Don't just let this change happen, but define roles and responsibilities together with your employees and use the opportunity to introduce organizational improvements. In this article, Jens Thiemann outlines various options and methods for the team and organizational level.
Author: Jens Thiemann
published on: 20.11.2023
Reading time: 4 min

Feed management in e-commerce
Optimal presentation and sale of your products on marketplaces

Find out why feed management is so crucial in e-commerce. And how you can not only reduce your workload, but also increase your sales success. Immerse yourself in the world of feed management and learn how you can place your products on digital marketplaces faster, more efficiently and with higher quality.
Author: Jürgen Burger
published on: 12.12.2023
Reading time: 6 min

Higher conversion through digital shelf analytics

You present your products in a growing number of channels - on more and more stores, marketplaces and shopping platforms. The effort required to control the presentation and placement of your products on external "digital shelves" is therefore increasing exponentially. Find out here how Digital Shelf Analytics enables you to reduce this effort and also continuously optimize product presentation and increase online sales.
Author: Jürgen Burger
published on: 14.02.2024
Reading time: 6 min

What impact does software quality have on your business?

Software is used everywhere and in many cases is business-critical. In this respect, the quality of software plays a major role. But what exactly does this actually mean?
In this article, we have summarised the relevant aspects of this topic.

Authors: Ralf Trapp & Jürgen Burger
published on: 19.04.2024
Reading time: 8 min


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