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We constantly research the relevant vendor market and generate a minimum entry in the respective logically associated system class for each vendor that we consider relevant. In this way, we pursue the goal of providing interested parties with as complete and up-to-date a basis of information and guidance as possible.

  • Minimum entry

    We deliberately keep this free minimum entry very lean because we would not be able to validly map further information. Each provider has the option of enriching this entry in the stages described below and thus upgrading it in terms of its classification and credibility.

  • Basic entry

    For this purpose, a provider provides us with basic information, which we display in a structured form on a detail page. This gives you the opportunity to quickly get a first impression of this provider.

  • Advanced entry

    In the case of an Advanced entry, we conduct an assessment with the provider to gain a deeper impression ourselves and to check the plausibility of the information provided. For your initial search, this means a higher level of information security.

  • Premium entry

    In addition to the Advanced entry, we have carried out a detailed analysis with this provider; the documentation of this analysis, known as QUINTESSENZ, represents a unique "fingerprint" of the solution under consideration. The advantage for you: The detailed information can be comprehensively retrieved from us and used for a software selection process.


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