All of our consulting services revolve around customer-centric product communication – and therefore a highly relevant topic for all companies that want to position themselves positively and sustainably in the market.
With our various experts, we cover all relevant aspects in this context – e.g. product information management (PIM), master data management (MDM), digital asset management (DAM), but also customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation and much more.
In line with our holistic approach, we consider aspects such as processes, work organisation and data governance in addition to the introduction and optimisation of the relevant systems.

Our con­sult­ing mod­ules

We differentiate between two phases in our consulting services:

In each of these phases, there are different consulting modules that can be put together according to your individual needs.

Product Communication.New.Thinking.

In this phase, we work with you to rethink your company's product communication in a new and targeted way. We categorise your specific topics in the context of product communication and work with you to develop an overall picture of your current situation and your objectives. Based on a holistic view of all relevant aspects and their interrelationships, we develop a concrete recommendation for action, taking into account the available resources; this serves as a targeted basis for all subsequent implementations.

In this module, we create a common understanding of what we mean by customer-centric product communication and fill common terms with content. In this way, we create a basis for ensuring that we are really talking about the same thing in each case.

In addition, we develop examples of content such as the golden record of products and the various data sources and data sinks. From this, we can derive initial insights into the system landscape, data flows and interfaces, as well as the roles involved in the context of product communication.

Customer-centric product communication requires us to look at your customers as well as your products. In other words, we talk about your touchpoints and the customer journey as well as the level of information in relation to the needs of your target groups.

Your benefit:

  • You get to know us and our working methods and can evaluate future collaboration more concretely.
  • Workshop participants develop a common understanding of interdisciplinary bottlenecks and challenges.
  • They receive an initial assessment of the current bottleneck situation regarding systems, processes and data in relation to the customer-orientation of their product communication.  
  • They can better assess the requirements for future-oriented product communication.

The mobilisation module is used to work out and document the objectives for further collaboration and the expectations of all those involved and to define the roles in the team.
We discuss the opportunities and risks and work out milestones and work packages together so that everyone involved has a concrete and, above all, shared idea of the goal and how to achieve it.

Your benefit:

  • Each project member's individual expectations are taken into account. This significantly increases team motivation.
  • Through the concrete elaboration and documentation of the results, we give the team a clear direction and create security and commitment for the next steps.

This module builds on the initial findings from the module PROKOM IMPULS. The focus is on the detailed identification of the existing system landscape, the golden record of your products and the various data sources and data sinks.

In addition, we work with you to identify the relevant core processes in connection with product data and the roles involved.

The aim is to develop an overall picture of product data maintenance, from the initial creation of product data through to data transfer to the media channels and touchpoints.

Your benefit:

  • The result of this module is an overall picture of the current situation that covers the entire area of product communication - creating a high level of transparency for the entire company.
  • Current bottlenecks and opportunities can be clearly identified.

Based on the findings from the previous modules, we develop a comprehensive recommendation for action for forward-looking and efficient product communication in your company.
This recommendation for action not only takes into account the aspect of data and systems, but also other aspects (such as processes and the associated work organisation).
The recommendation for action contains clearly defined and prioritised work packages and takes into account the available resources.
The concept is prepared and discussed with the team and prepared for a presentation at C-level.

Your benefits

  • The prioritisation of measures and task packages ensures planning security.
  • The management receives a roadmap and a strategy paper for sustainable product communication based on the SIMIO method, which has been tried and tested over many years.

Product Communication.New.Living.

The aim of this phase is to realise the previously conceived and concretely planned topics – in other words, to bring them to life. We are also happy to support you in this implementation phase – we do not leave you alone with the recommendation for action.
The aim of this support is to ensure that the jointly developed objectives remain the focus of implementation – our pilots monitor all project phases and guide the project safely to its goal. This avoids frictional losses and our presence allows us to transfer expertise to the teams time and again.

New systems are always needed to optimise product communication – either to replace existing systems or to introduce previously non-existent functional classes.

We have extensive experience in system selection and can support you throughout the entire selection process with a structured and proven approach, i.e. from the formulation of your specific requirements to the final decision in favour of a specific solution.

The principle of independence and objectivity always applies here: it is not important to us which solution you end up using; the only important thing is that the solution is the best possible fit for you and your requirements.

Your benefit:

  • High degree of coverage in the requirements analysis
  • Efficient identification of suitable providers (shortlist)
  • Compliance-appropriate procedure

The module PROJECT COACHING is specifically designed to strengthen your team's internal competences so that they can manage future projects independently and successfully. Our approach is not just to provide short-term support, but to enable your team to meet challenges with competence and confidence in the long term. We attach great importance to imparting practical knowledge and agile methodological expertise, which are essential for efficient project management. In doing so, we build on the knowledge and experience already gained in earlier project phases to ensure seamless further development and application in day-to-day business. Through individualised coaching and targeted knowledge transfer, we create a basis for the long-term success and independence of your team. This module enables your company to continuously develop and adapt to the rapidly changing requirements of the digital age.

Your benefit:

  • Skills development in the team: We impart the necessary expertise in project management and agile methods to promote the independence of your team.
  • Long-term knowledge transfer: The skills learnt remain within the company and support the long-term development of your employees.
  • Introduction of agile principles: We promote the use of agile methods that lead to more efficient ways of working.
  • Independence and self-confidence: Your project manager and the team will be empowered to tackle challenges themselves.
  • Improved adaptability: Your team learns to react flexibly to changes and manage them effectively.

Our module PROJECT MANAGEMENT offers comprehensive support for companies facing the challenge of managing complex digital projects. With a deep understanding of your specific requirements, organisational structures and goals, we guide your project safely to success. We utilise the knowledge gained in the preliminary phases and understand that your company and project are unique. Therefore, we tailor our strategy to your individual needs to ensure that project efficiency is maximised while making the best use of resources.

Our service takes the pressure off your team by handling the entire project coordination, from planning to implementation. This allows your team to focus on the essentials while ensuring that the project goal is met or even exceeded.

Rely on our expertise to lead your project to success with precision and care.

Your benefit:

  • Targeted project management: Experienced experts manage your project, taking all requirements into account and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
  • Efficient use of resources: Our experience enables us to optimise the use of your resources so that your project is completed in a time and cost-efficient manner.
  • Customised solutions: Through our deep understanding of your business goals and needs, we develop strategies that are tailored to you.
  • Relief for your team: We relieve you and your team of administrative and coordinative tasks so that you can concentrate on your core competences.

Putting the customer at the centre is not a new idea. Many strategies already emphasise this. However, the term "customer centricity" makes the topic topical again. In the last 40 years, the focus has been on product innovations, which were often orientated towards the competition. This led to a flood of similar products and strong price competition. The actual customer needs were often lost sight of. Customer centricity puts the customer back at the centre and requires a new way of thinking in all areas of the company. A new mindset is required that extends from the management level to the employees. Once this is anchored in the company, the way in which daily work is perceived and, in particular, communication with your customers will change. Aligning product communication with the wishes and needs of your customers and not distributing information in a scattergun approach is now also your opportunity. The technological prerequisites are all in place. We will show you the way and encourage your employees to follow this path. For customer centricity for your company too.

Your benefit:

  • Your products become solutions and regain the unique selling points that were so convincing during development or the initial market launch.
  • Differentiation creates new sales markets and higher contribution margins – customers pay more for solutions than for products.
  • In conjunction with a high degree of digitalisation in your company, the time to market is reduced.
  • Your customers will become real fans because they will finally feel understood and in good hands.

Who doesn't dream of reducing bureaucracy and focussing on what the customer wants?
Who doesn't want to be able to react as quickly as possible to threats or market opportunities?
And who wouldn't want to work in a company where people enjoy working and where good specialists are attracted?

These wishes are often opposed by entrenched structures and processes or the attempt to plan and control EVERYTHING.
Modern companies such as Haier, Tesla, Lego or Bosch have accepted that organisations with their customers, suppliers and employees are a complex system that cannot be controlled. They have therefore focussed on being able to react very quickly to changes. They have not copied another company's way of working, but have developed their own methodology.

This change cannot simply be implemented as a project; rather, it requires a change in perspective and mindset.

In our module CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, we provide your management team and employees with these perspectives and create the conditions for modern management and more autonomous action. We provide you with practical, tried-and-tested tools to delegate transparently and sustainably and to set and achieve goals.

Why are we addressing this in the context of product communication?

New software systems and new processes are often introduced as part of new product communication. Existing data silos and principalities need to be broken down. Unfortunately, these aspects are very often ignored and lead to bad vibes or even "political games" surrounding the project implementation.

Do not ignore these dangers, but take advantage of our offer to accompany this change process and be able to act as a stronger company in the end. Give your managers and teams the chance to adapt the organisational structure to the new processes and thus not only implement the new product communication more successfully, but also be attractive as a company for customers and employees.

Your benefit

  • Increase efficiency: Eliminate unnecessary work and streamline processes on an ongoing basis. Improve your time to market.
  • Improved culture: Avoid the "culture eats strategy for breakfast" phenomenon.
  • Continuous innovation: Stay ahead of the competition by learning to implement improvements and new ideas as quickly as possible.
  • Employer attractiveness: Inspire employees and attract new talent.

We want the jointly developed roadmap to actually be implemented so that you really achieve the formulated goals. We therefore recommend a regular review meeting in which we examine the current implementation status from an external perspective and update the planning, taking into account any changes to the framework conditions.

We are also available at any time as a sparring partner for all topics related to your product communication.

Your benefit:

  • The achievement of agreed targets is ensured.
  • In an increasingly volatile world, the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions becomes a success factor. Through regular reviews, we ensure that changes are recognised and, if necessary, taken into account in further planning.
  • With us as an external sparring partner, you can openly discuss new topics and clarify their relevance for your company.

Are you in­ter­ested?

Then please get in touch with us so that we can get to know each other better in a non-binding and free discussion.

Jürgen Burger
CEO | Chief Analyst

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