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The SIMIO team

Product communication has been my field of activity for a long time; the focus is always on a holistic approach that includes not only the technology but also the people involved and the inevitable change processes in companies.
We founded SIMIO with the aim of acting as an independent and objective authority to bring transparency to the very heterogeneous supply markets and thus support our customers in selecting a solution that fits their individual requirements and is therefore sustainable.

Jürgen Burger
CEO | Chief Analyst

I have been working as a coach for people and systems for many years; my particular strength lies in analyzing the current situation, which I see as the essential prerequisite for change. I can bring this experience to SIMIO in the best possible way.
I am also responsible for the entire organization of work processes.
For me, truthfulness, respect and reliability are essential in working together.

Susanne Falk

I am a long-standing sales and marketing-oriented entrepreneur, creative lateral thinker, consultant and implementer on the holistic path of digitizing companies and their processes.

My focus is on "state of the art" CRM and Marketing Automation, Customer Centricity and the related input/output strategies and measures. The analysis of system environments and processes, the development of digital strategies, software evaluations and the initiation as well as the implementation of the resulting digital transformation are also part of my absolute heart and soul.

As SIMIO`s specialist for CRM & Marketing Automation, I will be happy to assist you at any time, also for peripheral topics and innovations.

Axel Faber
Principal Advisor
CRM | Marketing Automation

My entire professional career has always been at the interface between IT, marketing and media production. I have worked in various companies in management positions and in IT project management, both for software manufacturers and agencies.
Due to the multifaceted topics in projects for globally operating, renowned customers from a wide range of industries, I have acquired comprehensive expertise in realizing software solutions based on standard solutions as well as individual software. With a 360° view and knowledge of requirements analysis, planning & design, implementation & configuration, as well as testing and commissioning, I am a confident navigator to make digital transformation a reality.
I have a particular soft spot for digital asset management systems in MarTech infrastructures, which is why I am delighted to be able to advise you at SIMIO as an expert in this field.

Martin Reinheimer

As an expert in product information (PIM) and product experience management (PXM), I have been involved in a large number of (international) projects as a strategic consultant or product owner for over fifteen years. I help to find the right product data strategies and implement the relevant data and process modeling, and I am responsible for the development and implementation of a PIM/PXM system, where I have learned to distinguish between the different requirements of manufacturers and retailers and have acquired expertise in the electronics/cable, automotive, paper/office supplies and SHK industries, as well as in trade, retail & distribution. As a trained agile coach and organizational developer, it is important to me to focus on people when implementing a PIM/PXM project.
This applies both to the consistent view of the customer and the involvement of employees. I don't want to deliver a PIM project, I want to enable employees to understand the concepts themselves and to be able to take responsibility and act independently in the long term, while consistently focusing on customer benefits.

Jens Thiemann
Organizational Design | Change Management | Leadership

Digitisation affects us all and will permanently change both the world of work and our consumer behaviour - this has been brought home to us especially in the recent past. Only companies that actively face the challenges of digitalisation will be able to use it to their advantage.

As an analyst and consultant for the digitalisation of marketing and product communication processes with a focus on master data governance, I bring critical knowledge, methodological and technical expertise coupled with decades of experience from more than 50 MarTech implementations to every project.

As SIMIO's MDM/PIM/DAM specialist, I am always available to answer your questions.

Herwart von Staudt
Principal Advisor

Customer centricity has revitalised the focus on customer needs and is also influencing product communication in pre- and after-sales.

In order for customer centricity to become a matter of course in day-to-day activities, it is necessary to change the mindset of those responsible - in other words, to change the mindset of management and executives.     

As a communications consultant, these strategic issues are particularly close to my heart. I accompany the SIMIO mandates from touchpoint analyses to product data concepts, product editing and strategic alignment of the customer journey. I continue to focus on print publications as part of successful product communication.  

As SIMIO's digital pilot, I am happy to advise you on all strategic issues within your planned digitalisation projects.

Thomas Wehlmann
Principal Advisor

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